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As local tint professionals, we are committed to giving you and other car owners in Fresno, CA the best possible experience when you come to us. We strive for excellence in all we do!

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Driving through Fresno, CA during the daytime means you’ll be exposed to harmful UV rays that heat up the interior of your vehicle. Don’t worry, though, our window tint professionals have years of experience in helping business and residential customers. With hundreds of good reviews, each customer we help is trained to do the job right, including windshield protection, business window tint installation, paint protection film, and more!

When you’re looking for an automotive shop to do a top-quality window tint job, pick up the phone and call us or use our website contact form to contact us! We serve the following zip codes in Fresno, CA: 93710, 93704, 93726, and more. Our company is dedicated to helping Central California vehicle owners stay cool and look cool. When you want to look cool while you cruise down N. Blackstone Ave or just want to keep UV rays out of your car, give us a call during business hours! We’re ready to offer superior window tinting services that exceed your expectations!

Window Tint Questions

If you’re having trouble finding a great tint shop in your area, call us today and get a free tint quote! If you live in Fresno, CA, and want to get a quality tint for your car windows, let our Fresno tint pros keep you out of the sun. We’re the best place to get commercial, residential, or car windows tinted fast so you can stay out of the sun. Contact us to get your windows tinted fast and for a great price!

Many customers ask about the different tint film percentages that we apply to their car windshield as part of our service. In short, the percentage that you get your windows tinted is based on the visible light transmission levels (VLT) that go through your car window. Here’s a quick list of common tint percentages:

  • Zero tint:  windows tinted at this level have no tint and appear as installed at the factory
  • Fifty percent: Tinted at this level, you’d block 50% of outside light from the inside of your car.
  • Thirty-five percent: This is a darker tint that auto owners choose and is the darkest allowed in Michigan and Indiana.
  • Twenty percent: If a car is tinted at this level, only 15%-20% of light will go through the glass.
  • Five percent: Tinted at this level, a window will resemble a sheet of obsidian, only allowing 5% of available light through the glass. This tint is often found on limousine windows.

One of the main reasons why auto owners will get their car tinted is to prevent the sun from causing the inside of their car to fade or become damaged. Properly tinted windows can also reduce the glare of headlights from other vehicles.

With a proper tint installation, commercial, home, and auto customers can keep the glare of sunlight off of them as they go throughout Fresno, CA, and nearby cities.

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